Artist Statement

My work is primarily focused on addressing issues surrounding the intersection of First Nation/Tribal sovereignty, resource exploitation and environmental concerns. I use collage, adornment, painting and drawing to present evidence of contemporary Indigenous presence and resistance throughout my work. My most recent work belies the concern aboriginal communities in western Canada and the U.S. have for our territories, including wildlife, in the face of aggressive oil and gas exploration and extraction.  As a member of a northern First Nation (Deh Gah Got’ı́é Kǫ́ę́, Deh Cho Region, N.W.T.) and a resident of Alberta, this issue carries personal resonance for me, especially in regards to the effects of the Athabasca Tarsands development, which is located within the MacKenzie/Peace watershed, upstream from my home community of Fort Providence, N.W.T.

July 2016